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[8252] Troubleshooting performance using VMware with Ultamus RAID    « Back to Category
Author: Guest, Created on: Nov 13, 2009 3:01 PM
Keywords: best practice, best pratices, performance, speed, ultamus, vmware
Categories: FAQs- ULTAMUS RAID 1200, FAQs- ULTAMUS RAID 4800
Language: English
Permissions: Overland Internal
Product (s): ULTAMUS RAID

The attached document was provided by Xyratex. It covers best practices on how to obtain the best performance using VMware version 3.5 on our Ultamus RAID product line.

We have been given permission to send this document to end users when requested. Please download the attached document and send it separately.

Click to download this attachment tip106_ins...ver.pdf (409.1 K)
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