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Disabling RSM / TUR polling for LTO tape driver
Author:, Created on: Feb 14, 2008 8:42 AM

How do I disable LTO Drive polling when using the HP LTO Driver

Disabling RSM polling for LTO tape driver
HP's Ultrium tape driver, Hplto.sys v1.0.3.0, disabled RSM polling as a consequence of the driver
installation. Due to the NTBACKUP issue mentioned above, the v1.0.3.1 version of the driver has
re-enabled RSM polling.
Customers wishing to disable RSM polling should complete the steps below. Future driver releases,
beginning with the driver kit, will not modify this parameter.
1. Install the or later driver.
2. Disable device polling in the system registry by completing one of the two steps below:
a. The driver package contains a DisableAutoRun.reg file that can used to modify the system registry
and disable RSM polling. Logged into the system as a user with Administrative privileges and
double-click on the DisableAutoRun.reg file. The system will prompt by asking "Are you sure you
want to add the information in c:\tmp\DisableAutoRun.reg to the registry?" (Path information will
vary depending on where the .reg file is stored.) Responding "Y" or "Yes" will modify the
appropriate registry entry to disable polling.
b. If the driver package does not include the DisableAutoRun.reg file, manually edit the system registry
using RegEdit. Logged into the system as a user with Administrative privileges, run RegEdit, and
navigate to the following registry key:
To disable RSM polling, edit the AutoRun value found in this key. A value of 0 (zero) indicates that polling
is disabled; a value of 1 indicates that polling is enabled.
3. After completing steps 1 and 2, reboot the affected system.
IMPORTANT: Adding or removing tape drives from the system may cause an older driver inf file to be
re-read, which in turn can re-enable RSM polling. If tape drives are added or removed, check the registry
for proper configuration and, if necessary, repeat step 2 above.