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[5811] REO 9100 with Protection OS 3.1 Setup Guide    « Back to Category
Author: Guest, Created on: May 25, 2007 3:30 PM
Keywords: 9100, configuration, how to, howto, how-to, install, installation, logical volumes, manuals, questions, REO 9100, repair, scalability, setup, support, target, termino
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This is the same document that is included in the documentation CD-ROM that is packaged with the REO 9100 with Protection OS 3.1. It provides details on how to set up and configure the appliance, including:
* REO 9100 Concepts and Requirements
* Setting Up the Appliance
* Using the USB Key to Start the Appliance
* Attaching the Power Cords and Enabling Power
* Configuring the Software Environment
* Changing the Volume Set-up or Creating Logical Volumes
* Configuring REO Devices as Disk or Tape Devices
* Associating Targets (Devices) and Initiators
* Creating a Virtual Tape Library
* Working with the Appliance
* Expanding Capacity (Scalability)
* Basic Troubleshooting
* Specifications
* Customer Support
* Glossary and Acronym List

Click to download this attachment REO_9100_S...ide.pdf (2.8 MB)
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