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[7592] *Invalid Registration Key    « Back to Category
Author: admin, Created on: Mar 19, 2009 3:19 PM
Keywords: key, registration, snap server
Language: English
Permissions: Public
Product (s): General Information

When I enter my registration key in my Snap Server I get the following message "Registration Key Invalid. Please enter a valid registration key"

When this occurs there are two possible reasons.

1. You may have mis-typed the key. Please double check and if possible copy and paste the registration key from the support portal product detail page for this server.

2. The Server number recorded in our database for your product does not match the server number inside the unit. This is a rare occurrence and may have been caused by field replacement of the server mother board. To check open the product detail page for this specific server on our support portal.
* The server number will be listed just below the serial number in the product detail.
* The server number for this machine can be found by clicking the Snap Server Icon in the upper corner of the GuardianOS GUI main page. (see related document)
* If these numbers DO NOT match send an email with the Server Serial Number and the Server number form the Server GUI to or you may send the same information via the "Ask Overland" section of our web portal. DO NOT create a Support Request as our technical support group can not resolve this issue.
3. If the server umbers match and you have accurately entered the registration key please create a support request via our web portal and we will delve into your situation further.