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[8512] *Getavailvol errors in Event viewer    « Back to Category
Author: Todd Rodrigues, Created on: Jan 22, 2010 12:23 PM
Keywords: event viewer, full root, getavailvol, segmentation fault, segv, too many shares, too many volumes
Language: English
Permissions: Public
Product (s): General Information

Getavailvol is a script designed to find a volume with enough space to make back up copies of .tdb files used in Samba communications. These errors typically indicate that there are too many volumes for the script to parse.

This issue has been identified as affecting Guardian OS 4.4.045 and Guardian OS 4.4.049. Typically the volume issue is a result of having an aggressive snapshot policy - each snapshot resides on it's own virtual volume and if an aggressive schedule is maintained can exceed the Snap server's limitation of 255 volumes.

There are only two possible resolutions.

You can upgrade to Guardian OS 5.0 or later or you can remove some of your volumes.

Potential adverse effects include the following:

1. You will not have a backup of your .tdb files. If the original .tdb files become damaged you may loose all security on the Snap server.

2. Segmentation fault logs may fill the root operating system resulting in an inoperable server and potential data loss.

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