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Author: admin, Created on: Feb 3, 2010 10:15 AM
Keywords: CGI, GOS, GuadrianOS, GuardianOS, Log, Snap Server, sysfiles, Syswrapper, web interface
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Product (s): SnapServer

There are several ways to obtain system logs on a GOS based Snap server system. The generated file is named, " SYSFILES.TGZ" and can be renamed at the users discretion, retaining the .TGZ extension. Please use one of the procedures listed below:

Log into the Snap server web interface, and then go into Administration. Change the address in the address bar to be http://{snap IP address}/sadmin/debug.cgi, and in the command line box provided, type "syswrapper" (without the quotes). Click OK and send the resulting SYSFILES.TGZ file.

Or from an internet browser try the following addresses (IP indicates the IP of the specific Snap Server)


The following procedure requires both a null modem cable and network cable attached between the Snap server and a workstation.

Set the terminal application to connect to the serial console with the following parameters. 115200, 8,N,1, VT100. At the # prompt, run commands 1 to 5.

1) mount /dev/md100root /mnt/nfs
2) chroot /mnt/nfs
3) /usr/bin/syswrapper
4) exit
5) cp /mnt/nfs/htdocs/sysfiles.tgz /html
6) After the above steps, point the browser to the /sysfiles.tgz page. (For example http://snap12345/sysfiles.tgz) This should prompt for a file download.

You HAVE to have a null modem cable
You cannot chroot from the recovery console command line

This procedure will collect some of the diagnostic logs if the above procedures will not work for you:

Click Diagnostics and save output as an html document

Go to http://{IP}/debug.html, enter the following commands and save the output of each as an html document:
ls -last /mnt/pivot/flash
cat /mnt/pivot/flash/syslog.txt
cat /mnt/pivot/etc/hosts
cat /mnt/pivot/etc/fstab
cat /mnt/pivot/etc/devices_atboot
cat /mnt/pivot/etc/krb5.conf
cat /mnt/pivot/version

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