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1) Document Type: General *Invalid Registration Key 100%
  [7592] Comments: 0, Last Modified: Dec 3, 2013 11:03 AM - Find Similar  
  How to recover from an invalid registration key message When I enter my registration key in my Snap Server I get the following message "Registration Key Invalid. Please enter a valid registration key" When this occurs there are two possible reasons. 1. You may have mis-typed the key. Please double check and if possible copy and paste the registration key from the support portal product detail  
2) Document Type: General PIB-DBP-001 Using the Larger USB SoftKey with a REO 1000 77%
  [3981] Comments: 0, Last Modified: Oct 29, 2007 3:51 PM - Find Similar  
  If you are upgrading to a new version of the software, or if you requested a replacement key, you might ... and size of the key, it might not fit into the USB ports on the rear of the REO. The attached document ... OS software, or if you requested a replacement key from Overland, you might receive a different version ... of the USB SoftKey, the newer key might not fit into either of the USB ports on the rear of the REO  
3) Document Type: General * How to get StorAssure license key 59%
  [8431] Comments: 0, Last Modified: Dec 3, 2013 9:11 AM - Find Similar  
  How to redeem StorAssure POP codes for a license key. Follow the instructions below to obtain your Software License Key: STEP 1 If you have not already done so locate and load the 45 day free trial software ... STEP 4 Within 2 business days Overland will send you by return email a permanent license key. STEP 5 The Feature Key(s) (Software License Key) and activation instructions will be e-mailed to your  
4) Document Type: General How do I upgrade my USB SoftKey to the correct size? 56%
  [4322] Comments: 0, Last Modified: Feb 15, 2008 2:07 PM - Find Similar  
  2.3.0 of the REO SERIES Protection OS, you must use a 128 MB key. (Previous versions of the key [16 ... , you must use a 128 MB key. (Previous versions of the key [16 MB and 64 MB] are not large enough to support an upgrade.) To determine the size of the key you are currently using 1. Insert the key into a USB ... icon, located in the system tray. b. In the dialog box, select the device you want to unplug (the key  

4 results for: key, Displaying results 1 - 4