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Global Service Programs: OverlandCare

Assuring the availability of your Overland Storage solution is a critical part of your overall protected data storage strategy. Overland has made selecting and obtaining the proper level of support for the entire life of your product easy and affordable. While the standard Overland support programs are designed to provide the services that most of our customers require, we understand that your needs may be different and have created a selection of service enhancements to augment whatever level of Overland support you have chosen.

All Overland products are eligible for enhanced OverlandCare maintenance options to augment and/or extend the standard limited warranty. Specially priced multi-year and single year OverlandCare support upgrades are available to protect your investment for the life of the product.

Four levels of OverlandCare support are available.

  • Bronze: 9x5 telephone support; advanced parts replacement with 2 business day delivery
  • Silver: 9x5 telephone support; next business day onsite (FRUs); advanced parts replacement of CRUs
  • Gold: 7x24 telephone support: next business day onsite (FRUs & CRUs)
  • Platinum: 7x24 telephone support; 24x7x365 onsite with 4-hour response

Warranty coverage and OverlandCare service options may differ by product; however the OverlandCare offerings available are standardized for all Overland products to simplify your service offering decision.  The table below outlines the details of each OverlandCare service level. Click here to download the OverlandCare Support Programs Datasheet.

OverlandCare Warranty Offerings
9x5 telephone assistance    
24x7 telephone assistance    
unlimited web and email support
access to on-line knowledge base
firmware updated and patches
2 business day advanced CRU parts replacement    
next business day advanced FRU parts replacement    
next business day advanced CRU parts replacement    
next business day response for onsite support  
24x7x4-hr. response for onsite support      

1 OverlandCare Uplift part numbers/pricing are valid when purchased within 90 days of the initial hardware purchase.
2 OverlandCare Extension part numbers/pricing are valid when purchased 91+ days after the initial hardware purchase or as an extension to the initial warranty purchase.
3 Response time based on geographical proximity to Overland service center. Although standard part numbers and pricing apply to Zone 1 coverage, uplifts for zones outside the standard coverage areas are available. Overland may, at its sole discretion, determine if a defect can be repaired one of the following ways: 1) Remotely, 2) By the shipment of a Customer Replaceable (CRU) part, and customer performing a self-service repair, or 3) By a service call at the location of the defective unit
4 Availability during business hours only for OverlandCare Bronze, Silver & Gold level support. 24x7 availability for OverlandCare Platinum support.
5 For Overland Storage Warranty Terms and Conditions, refer to http://support.overlandstorage.com/support/service-warrantyterms.html